The client

Peter Robins

The brief

Identify an issue, create a target audience, and build a fictional app from scratch

general infos
4 weeks
Product Designer


What is Closet?

Do you like shopping but hate trying on things? Closet is the app for you. Closet is a shopping/styling app where you’re able to upload all your clothing, shoes, and accessories to a virtual closet through 3D scanning. In addition to scanning your wardrobe, users are encouraged to scan themselves as a way of creating a model that accurately represents them. By combining your 3D wardrobe and body, users will be able to see a virtual representation of how things would look together. Other components of the app include tips, an explore plage, as well as a Stylist section in case anyone needs help choosing a new outfit! Closet is for people who: People that hate trying things on at the store • People that prefer shopping online • People that need help with their wardrobe • People that want a quick way of seeing how something would look on them • Stylists

How does it work?

After the landing page, users will arrive at the home page; They are greeted with a compliment, and then given a recommeded outfit for the day based on your virtual wardrobe and the weather/vibe of the day. There’s an explore page for different stores, and users are able to filter through what they want. If a user doesn’t really care about brands/stores, they are then able to go onto the search page and look specifically for the type of item they want. Users could scan themselves with their phone, creating a 3d avatar in the app. After that, users would scan a specific wearable item, which is then be added to the closet. Websites would have a code called a “Closet Code” which allows users to scan a qr code which generates a 3d model of the product.Once users have an avatar and a wardrobe, they then would go to the closet! In the closet, you can load whichever scanned body you want, and dress it up according to what’s in your inventory. If users are having trouble choosing an outfit or just want to a second opinion, they can hire a stylist on the star page. Stylists are ranked by other users to give the user a sense of their skill. Users can also become stylists, but success is very much dependant on your ratings.

Lasting thoughts

Though the technology of this app may seem too far advanced, I feel we’re heading in this direction. I remember I saw online that Anifa Mvuemba created a model-less fashion show by using 3d models/ animation, as a way of overcoming the difficulties of the pandemic. It’s also worth mentioning that phones are also now able to create 3D scans. As technology becomes more advanced, apps like Closet will definitely be attainable in the near future.

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