Lil Yachty and Flighthouse Media

The client

Lil Yachty and Flighthouse Media

The brief

Create a personalized rug for Lil Yachty to use as promotional merchandise for his first virtual concert "The Night Is Young" and document the process.

general infos
1 Week
Rug Designer and Social Media Marketer

Flighthouse Media



We started off by creating different color variations of Baby Yachty's face. At the time, I had done a few rug portraits, but I made them colorful to make it easier for myself when looking for yarn. Flighthouse decided that it would be best if we just kept the colors as close as possible to the skin tone. It was difficult finding the right colors, but nonetheless, I decided to take on the challenge.


After a hectic week of nonstop working, I was able to finish the 5 foot rug and process video on time. Shortly after the project was finished, LA Times reached out to me so they could present my work.

Final Product

Within minutes of live concert starting, the rug was sold. It was a surreal feeling seeing my work not only being shown at Lil Yachty's concert, but also having it sold that quickly.

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